1) Can I try it before I buy it?

We offer a one week trial for only a dollar! Click here for details...

2) What type of channels, video feeds and programming am I going to
have access to?

Freedom TV gives you instant access to literally thousands of
channels worldwide. Our video feed "grabber" software allows you to
watch television instantly on your PC. Here are just a few examples
of the channels we've added recently...

Sky TV News (UK), Canadian Broadcast Channel (Canada), NASA TV (USA), Bloomberg News, Fox News and Business News, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, TBN, Smile of A Child, The Church Channel, The Baseball Channel, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, and Court TV, and dozens of local affiliates from all over the U.S and Australia, and many, many, more!

but remember...
there are thousands of programs that cable and satellite companies
don't even know exist. Here are a few new ones we've just added:

Boardriders TV, Cycling TV, TV Scuba, Rathergood TV, Stockmarket Channel, Country Channel, Wild Life Channel, and God TV (all UK), and The Baby Channel, Bowling Channel, Blackbelt Channel, Classic Cartoons, Cartoon Oldies, Golf Sports Channel, Golf Shop, Online Racing (cars) Hockey TV, Mac Sports, Motors TV, Mountain Bike TV, Motor Bike TV, Offroad Channel, Torque TV, Word on Da Streets, Thriller TV, Tom Green Live (All USA) and many, many, more!

3) What are the system requirements?

A. Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
B. Hi Speed connection - Required bandwidth: From 28.8Kb/s to 1500Kb/s.
To check your connection speed, please go to http://www.speedtest.net
C. In order to view the live streams, you will need: Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, and Real Player 11 Basic.
***All three are free, and download links for the players are available on the Freedom TV homepage.***

4) Is it Mac Compatible?

Yes, but you will need to install plugins and configure Safari, so some computer knowledge is recommended.

5) If it's free, why do I have to pay?

The fee is a lifetime membership charge. The funds go to maintain the
website and to add new channels, it also covers real live technical support exclusive to Freedom TV. You can call or email us and a real person will answer your questions and assist you when ever you need it. Our customers consider their membership fee to be the best entertainment investment they have ever made.

6) What about picture quality?

A. Most Streams are in high quality resolution, it all depends on the source. We continually monitor to bring you the highest quality streams available. In some cases, a lower speed connection is available, in which case we will add both streams, high and low.
B. More and more streams are broadcasting in HD, and we also have links to HD viewing for primetime programming from all major US networks
C. Full screen Mode – the majority of streams available now broadcast in a higher resolution, allowing for them to be viewed in full screen mode, the quality varies from a little fuzzy to HD. Once again, that is determined by the owner of the stream, or source.

7) Can I use it on more that one computer?

The fastest and easiest way to watch Freedom TV is by using our new
website software which allows you to use the service anywhere in the
world on any computer in the world providing the system requirements are met. Please limit use of the service to one household per purchase.

8) Will it work with Vista?


9) Can I hook it up to my TV?

Yes. There a few adapters on the market right now. Consult with your local Radio Shack. Just tell them you need to hook up your computer to your television and they'll be able to help you out. Check out these tips from HowTo. http://www.ehow.com/how_5004468_hook-up-computer-tv-sound.html

10) Is it legal?

Yes, 100%.

11) Can I record to watch later?

Yes, once Real Player 11 is installed, it does allow you to download and record media, however, some sources block this feature, so not all links will allow you to record. Also, live streams cannot be recorded.

12) Is it easy to use?

Extremely. If you have Internet Explorer 7 installed, and version 11 of both Windows Media Player and Real Player installed, you are ready to go!

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